Aug 25 2009

NSFYG (Your Grandmother)

Look, sometimes someone blogs/tweets/updates/emails/texts/whatever/ you the biggest load of crap you’ve ever heard. Or possibly you’ve simply had enough of your “friend’s” OCD/New Religion/conspiracy theories/twisted view on politics. Well, I have your answer. I whipped up a little website to help you eloquently discuss your point of view on the topic–It fits all subject matter and doesn’t leave much for interpretation. Simply direct the offending party to to end the conversation and move on with your lives.

Aug 18 2009

Faze 2 logo

This is a project we stole from Wieden and Kennedy. Well, really it was a project for Dan Wieden’s son…W+K was a little too busy to be bothered. You tell it your way, I’ll tell it mine.


Aug 18 2009

She Flies With Her Own Wings

This is a pro bono logo for this group that celebrates influential women in Oregon. This year they celebrating Gert Boyle of Columbia Sportswear and Arlene Schnitzer.sfwhow