Jun 25 2009

Portland Story

A buddy of mine (Bryan Hoybook) approached me for laying out his photo page in an upcoming book called “My Portland Story.” His contribution was based on a group of vintage Italian scooter owners called “Twist & Play.”


Jun 25 2009

Oosik Beer Ads

Here are a couple ads I re art directed for a friend of mine. His copy, my design.ooosik2ooosik

Jun 23 2009

56th Annual Cannes Lions Advertising Festival

cannes-logoNext time I do work for Microsoft’s presentation at the Lions Advertising Festival, I’m going to get a ticket as part of my compensation. Dammit. I made 3 videos and helped design the stage, but no tickets for me. That, of course, is bad negotiation on my part. Even though the big (aluminum…wink, wink) computer I had to rent to render the videos would have been a colossal pain in the ass to fly to the south of France, I would have been in THE SOUTH OF FRANCE busting my ass instead of the North of Oregon.

Here are my videos–
Video 1 for Cannes
Video 2 for Cannes

Here’s a link to the events–

Jun 1 2009

DVD artwork for my son’s school’s “Mexico” performance