Sep 23 2008

European MTV Music Awards Facebook Application

fanaticHow much cooler are the European music awards for MTV than the American one? I don’t know yet, but we’ll be tuning in since they’ve asked us to build a Facebook voting application.

As usual with every project we get, there is a completely unreasonable timeline. Fortunately we have a double helix Flux Capacitor which we use to bend time so we can do 12 hours of work in under 3 minutes.

Rock on.

Sep 22 2008

MTV/Facebook application


Did you know there’s a new Bond film coming out? Well there is. And we built a facebook application for MTV and Swatch that asks the question “Which Bond Villian Are You?” Take a quiz, find out which one you most closely resemble and POW! get a glimpse at the Swatch watch that was inspired by that character. Holy cow, this internet thing is great!